A Reflection On Living Joyfully

I am truly enjoying summer. I don’t know what it is about these three months of the year but it makes me feel so free and at ease. It’s like even though I still have to work full-time and not much has changed during my day-to-day, I’m just finding so much to do with the time that I do have and that’s truly bringing me joy. It has gotten me to thinking about my relationship with “joy”. It’s something that I talk about kinda often but I don’t think I’ve fully written about it on this blog.

To me, joy is an intrinsically woven part of me. It’s something that I hold on to during good and bad days.It’s something that isn’t as fleeting as my emotions and it truly sticks around no matter the day. See, I’ve had to tap into joy on so many occasions, when I didn’t make “a lot of money” during my early twenties and had to find super budget friendly ways to live how I wanted to. When I struggled in the workplace because I didn’t feel like the job was for a good fit for me. When I experienced several losses over the past couple of years, including the loss of my brother Antwon. I’ve had to hold on to joy because I know it can save me every single time.

I haven’t always been aware that joy was there for me to use whenever I needed to. In my late teens and early twenties I would succumb to whatever feelings were with me that day. Sad – wallow in it…sometimes for too long. Feeling overwhelmed- wallow in it, until my days eased up. Feeling like what I wanted in life was taking too long to come, wallow in it. I can’t tell you the exact moment but God made me realized that I had access to joy. He has picked me up when I’ve hit rockbottom and reminded me of who I was. So that means even when I am having a really hard time –  I can always access a piece of my joy. That doesnt mean I fake or pretend. I am completely okay to live out my feelings but I know that those feelings won’t last forever. I know that God can heal any pain that I have and make all things new. I know that emotions are fleeting but joy lasts forever. Joy is the Lord and as long as I have him, I have joy.

Because I have access to joy, I can live it out through my daily life. I never pass a moment to connect with myself and bring myself joy in some way – both small and large ways. All meaningful.

Here are a few ways that I tap into my joy:

  • Spending time with God through praise and worship, prayer, reflection and journaling.
  • Date days and nights with my hubby, Taverious.
  • Decorating my home, making it feel like a vacation from the world.
  • Gardening. I started a mini edible garden around my home. I love taking care of my plants.
  • Seeing my investment accounts increase.
  • Enjoying my morning cup of green tea.
  • Cooking beautiful meals for my family.
  • Doing my skincare routine.
  • Reflecting on how far I’ve come with the strength of the Lord.
  • Talking to family and friends on the phone.
  • Traveling to new places with my hubby.
  • Reaching a savings goal.
  • Trying new fruits and vegetables.
  • Hosting family and friends at my home.
  • Facials and massage days at my favorite spa.
  • Spending time alone.
  • Hiking different trails across Georgia.
  • Not going over my monthly budget.
  • Using my favorite body soaps, scrubs and butters.
  • Really good podcasts, audible books and good reads.
  • My weekly strolls through my local farmers markets.
  • Getting cash back through my favorite cash back sites
  • Having mindful moments where I am truly focused on whatever I’m doing at the time! Meals with loved ones, enjoying my favorite dessert, conversations, traveling etc.
  • Paying off debt.
  • Most recently has been spending time in the sauna after a good workout!

This is just a small list of things that bring me joy. I recommend that everyone find the things that bring them joy and cling on to it for dear life. It might truly be your saving grace.