Speak Kind to Your Money: Reframe Your Money Thoughts Today


Not many people realize the power of their words. It literally makes me cringe every time I hear someone say, “I’m broke”. I believe that when you say those things, you literally control the flow of your money and remain in a ‘broke’ state of being. There is power in the tongue and that can create positive or negative consequences for you. It’s so incredibly important to speak life into your situation, no matter where you are in life. Money is no exception. I have earned money on all levels. When I first started working full-time, I didn’t make “a lot” of money and likely made less than all my peers. This never stopped me from believing in myself and treating my money with honor and respect. I did my best to manage my money on my level and never once called myself broke. Having this mindset served me well then and continues to serve me well now that I make about triple what I started off making. I still actively speak positive money affirmations over myself as I am always looking to earn more so that I can create wealth for myself and my family and ultimately build generational wealth for my future kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, etc.

Today, I want to challenge you to begin to re-write the “broke” narrative if you’ve been thinking negatively about your finances and your CURRENT financial position. Things can and will change if you are putting effort into changing your situation and being consistent with the action steps that you need to take to flourish financially. Take a look at some of the ways to repurpose negative thoughts around money.

Instead of This Say This
I NEVER have any money. I can’t afford it at this moment.
I’m broke. I have ‘x’ left for myself after the bills are paid. I’m not able to buy everything I want today but I will eventually.

I cannot afford it at the moment.

I do not have the funds allocated for it in my budget.
only have ‘X’ left after I pay my bills. I wish I had money like that. I don’t have as much as I’d like to right now, but that will change.
I’m getting a crappy little raise at work. What am I going to do with that? I’m thankful for my raise at work.
I just got paid and it’s gone already. I’m grateful that I am able to pay my expenses each month.

If negative thoughts about money is something that you struggle with, I really hope this helps you in some way. There is much more to this subject in terms of psychology and the impact of your personal history. If you’d like to learn more I’d suggest checking out Positive Money Affirmations or even speaking with a therapist that can help you navigate some of your thoughts around money.

I truly believe that with a good plan on how to handle your money and positive thinking about your financial situation – you can make what you have work for you and begin to experience more of it. Stay tuned to learn more about how I budget and manage my finances.


“Money doesn’t need you. It can go find someone else to hang out with. If you don’t want money, then keep talking about how awful you are with it, how stressful it is, how confusing it is. If you want money, then invite it over for coffee. Embrace it. Learn about it. Talk about it. The more barriers you break down, the more financial success you will have.” – Noah Lehava