Spice Cabinet Refresh

Our spice cabinets have needed a facelift for the longest. For years, it’s looked a bit crazy as we had a combination of store purchased spice jars and a few leftover jars from my spice cabinet back when I lived alone. After procrastinating long enough to give it an update, I finally dug right in and prioritized this project.

I started off by browsing online for the types of labels and jars that I wanted. Since our vibe is modern + mid-century I decided on black labels and black lidded jars for a modern look. I contemplated buying the really pretty jars with the bamboo wood lids but I didn’t feel like having to use a spoon to scoop out seasonings every time I wanted to use them. Sometimes you just want to shake and go! I found a great Etsy vendor for the labels and an Amazon vendor for the jars.

Once the materials arrived, I was ready to start my project. I washed the spice jars in the dishwasher and let them dry thoroughly. Once those were dry I pulled out all of the spices from the cabinet and wiped everything down to get it prepped for the new jars. I checked the expiration date on all of the spices and was so surprised to see that some of them expired last year and sometimes even the year before. I threw away anything that was old or even clumpy. I filled the new jars with freshly purchased seasonings or seasonings that I already had that still had a long way to go before expiring. I labeled all the jars being sure to position them the same on each label so that they would love uniform once in the cabinet. After I was done with this process I stacked the acrylic shelves in the cabinet, put the spice jars in and reveled in how good it looked.

I also added an acrylic lazy susan to hold the different oils and vinegar that we use so that they could be more organized and match the new aesthetic. Overall, I am very happy with how this project turned out. We have actually been able to save money because we know exactly what we have in the cabinet and we aren’t buying duplicates of the same seasoning. I also feel sooo sophisticated using such good-looking jars and labels.

Next project: refreshing the pantry! Do you have any spaces in your home that need a refresh?

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