Roundup of My Favorite Black Girl Friendly Sunscreens

As a black woman, my initial journey into trying sunscreens was really weird. I heard that I should be using them, however, everything that I tried had me looking like Casper the friendly ghost (#Notit). I figured that something was wrong and those products were actually for black women like me. I didn’t start seriously wearing sunscreen until around 2012 when I discovered one of my favorites from Kiehl’s. The texture was creamy but thin and went on matte without a white cast. I truly fell in love knowing that I was protecting myself from the sun without looking crazy.

Over the years, I have tried many sunscreens and these are my faves. Sunscreen is not only important for protecting skin from the sun but it protects your skin from deeper hyperpigmentation (dark spots). If you are putting lots of effort into treating dark spots, then sunscreen should be your BFF otherwise, you’re likely reversing all your effort. With consistent use of sunscreen I see that my dark spots have decreased tremendously. Check out my full skincare routine for more details on how I layer my skincare before adding sunscreen.

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