Guide to Removing Makeup in 3 Easy Steps

It’s so important to remove makeup from your face after a day of being ‘beat to the Gods’. Not only is it good for your pillow cases but it helps keep your skin clear and pores unclogged. My makeup removal routine ensures that my face is left without a single trace of makeup. My white sheets approve!

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The Routine

  1. I start by removing my makeup with makeup removal wipes. A few of my favorites are the Burt Bees cucumber wipes or Clinique’s wipes.
  2. Next, I slather my face with argan oil or Clinique makeup remover balm (my sweet friend Shandice put me on to this and it is While the oil is on my face I splash water on my face and rub it onto my face. This helps emulsify the oil and allows it to get the makeup worked off of my skin. I gently remove the oil/water with a washcloth. I have been loving microfiber washcloths because they are so gentle on the skin.
  3. After removing the oil, I cleanse with a gel cleanser (my fave). This helps removes any extra bits of makeup from my face.
  4. Once I’m done with these three steps I move on to my full evening skincare routine or I apply moisturizer and call it a night.