5 Simple and Delicious Breakfast Ideas For Joyful Mornings

I love breakfast, it’s one of my favorite meals of the day and I typically can’t do without it. I am also a very busy woman and juggle a lot daily so it’s very important to me that I find quick and easy recipes that I can turn to for a consistently delicious breakfast. These are a few that I’ve collected over the years and I keep them in rotation to ensure that I can eat well during the week.


Runny eggs and mixed greens

Avocado toast

My favorite mornings consist of avocado toast and iced coffee or warm green tea. Avocado toast is one of those things that’s so simple but so dang delicious. I love making my avocado toast with sourdough bread, mashed avocado, mixed greens, goat cheese, a drizzle of hot honey and a drizzle of olive oil. Sometimes I add an egg and bacon on the side. SO DANG GOOD! My best friend told me that it’s better than most avocado toasts she’s had at restaurants. *Drops mic* See my IG avocado toast reel here.

Breakfast Sandwich

There’s nothing like a yummy breakfast sandwich to start off the day. What I love about breakfast sandwiches is that you can truly put whatever you want on the sandwich (bacon, sausage, eggs, whatever!). I love making my sandwiches with cheesy eggs (Tillamook cheddar cheese is my fave), high-quality bacon, and a little mayo. Simple but delicious! Here’s a breakfast sandwich that I recently made for social media.


My mom made quiche for the first time when I was in college and ever since I’ve been in loveeee. Quiche is another one of those things that can be made in so many ways. I choose my fillings depending on my mood but I typically go with bacon, spinach and cheddar cheese. I’ve also had broccoli, bacon and gruyere quiche. The options are endless. Quiche is also easy to freeze and reheat for a quick breakfast during the week.

Fruit and Veggie Smoothie

On mornings when I don’t have a craving for a typical breakfast, I usually turn to a green smoothie. Smoothies are so easy to make and they are also very nutritious. The base for almost all my smoothies is almond milk and spinach (I also use kale sometimes), I will then add in any fruit that I have a taste for.

One of my favorite recipes is almond milk, spinach, banana, vanilla protein powder and frozen cherries. Once again, the options are endless – add what you like. I also love that you can sneak in lots of vegetables with smoothies, you really can’t taste them. PS: The secret to the perfect, non-gritty smoothie is to blend your greens and milk first, then add everything else in. It also helps to have a powerful blender (like the Ninja that I own).

Baked Egg Muffins

When I first started meal prepping in graduate school, I discovered egg muffins and they truly changed my life. It’s essentially eggs, plus any fillings like bacon, cheese and spinach baked into a muffin tin. They make the perfect breakfast on the go because you can freeze or refrigerate them and they’ll last most of the week. I love that these are a very versatile breakfast too. You can also add anything to them and they’ll be good. No wonder they went “viral” on my Pinterest.

Well, that’s it friends. I am most certainly a breakfast girl and these are a few of the dishes that I turn to regularly. Do you see anything that you’d like to try? What do you usually eat for breakfast?


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