5 Things On My Mind, 9/15

These ‘5 Things’ blog posts will be where I share 5 random things I’m thinking about, buying, experiencing, wondering about, etc. I have seen a few bloggers do this with “ten things” and thought it would be an excellent idea for KatreenaDavis.com. So, here goes nothing.


HUB’S BIRTHDAY // This past weekend we celebrated my husband’s birthday. He didn’t want to do much this birthday since we just took a big trip for our anniversary but I had other plans. *Insert sneaky grin here* I figured it would be cool to do a little surprise for him so I invited his family to come into town to spend the weekend with us. They surprised him good by popping up Friday evening. He actually thought my mom was coming to stay for a day but it turned out to be his mom. He was so surprised! My heart was also bursting at the seams at how happy and surprised he truly was. His sister, brothers, sister-in-law and nieces also came. I hosted a “BBQ, Bourbon and Games” mini party for all of us on Saturday. We had such great weekend playing games, eating good food and enjoying each other. Priceless moments for sure.

HOT GIRL WALKS // I have always loved walking and will typically choose a walk over the gym any day. I tend to walk a few times around my neighborhood each day and my husband and I love taking long walks in the park at least once a week. I heard that there was a #HotGirlWalk trend going and it has me trying to think of ways to elevate my walks. The girls are throwing on super cute sets, sunnies, fanny packs and this Hot Girl Walk playlist on Spotify. It’s amazing how social media can blow up the most simplest of things.

MEAL PREP // Around mid-week is when I start planning my meals for the following week. I’m a little behind this particular week because of the full birthday weekend, however, I’ll be planning out our meals on tomorrow. I try to always have at least 3 proteins, 3-4 vegetables, 2 starches and 3-4 snack options for the week. We didn’t meal prep this week and OH BOY. We felt it.

GOLDEN HEELS // I posted on my IG stories that I bought two new pairs of gold heels but I was trying to decide which one to keep. I was leaning towards keeping these heeled mules from Nordstrom, but everyone is loving these platforms that I scooped from Walmart. Decisions, decisions.

FALL CLEANING // Fall has me in the mood for doing some deep cleaning. I looked at my air vents and realized that they needed a good soaking. So I am going to carve out a day to do some deep cleaning around the house on things that typically get overlooked like the air vents, the interior of the dishwasher, behind the fridge, beside the stove, and the inside of the kitchen cabinets. I already know it’ll be a full day of cleaning when I start this so I won’t plan to do anything else but clean that day. *Whew*