5 Things On My Mind, 10/16

Me, my niece and my brother posing after I won this huge Christmas stocking from our local bank.

It’s Sunday and I’m sitting at my kitchen table sipping warm green tea and eating breakfast. Today I made a simple sourdough toast with butter and honey and a bowl of blueberries and sliced pears. It’s usually the simple things like this for me. In a couple of hours, my husband, Taverious and I will drive to my friend’s baby shower in South Carolina and drive back in one day. I know, I’m out of my mind but I really want to be back home to start the week on Monday. We considered staying overnight but I’m always thrown off balance when I don’t wake up at my house on Mondays. Anyone else like that? Anyway, getting into another “5 Things on My Mind” where I write about the first five things that come to mind. I did my first one last month and I really like these, I want to keep doing them as much as I can. Let’s get into it.

OKAYY, SKIMS // I’m currently wearing my Skims pjs and robe set. I’ve had it for just about a year now and I’m so impressed at how well this sleepwear has held up. It’s been washed and dried and it still looks beautiful. I love how soft and luxurious it feels. It’s a simple set but it makes me feel really special and “put together” around the house.

CHRISTMAS IN OCTOBER // Somebody pinch me. I have already started shopping for Christmas gifts and even a few decorations already. If you know me, know me, then you know I’ve traditionally waited until late December to shop. I’ve even been known to still be last-minute shopping the week of Christmas. Honestly, those times were stressful so I guess I’ve grown up and learned my lesson. But real talk, I am trying to go into the holidays peaceful and present so if that means buying gifts early so that I’m not stressing and fighting the crowds later, then so be it. We’ve saved up a little cash stash this year for shopping so it’s been really easy to pull from there to fund my shopping.

HOSTESS W/THE MOSTESS // On the subject of holidays, your girl is hosting Thanksgiving for the very first time ever this year. Typically we head to our families in South Carolina but we are switching things up this year and my family is headed “down” here. I have started to loosely set up my menu but I need to get so much done in the next couple of weeks so that I can have my game plan together. Tips? I welcome them! Luck? Wish me lots.

SEEKING SOLITUDE // I received some news this week that really threw me off balance. It made me really want to take time away from the “noise” to take time to center my thoughts. For me, this means social media channels like Instagram and Facebook. I don’t know about you but for me, those places sometimes feel like very loud rooms where everyone is trying to talk over each other yet at the same time you keep wanting to go back to see what’s going on. Well, I’m taking some time away from constantly being on, don’t know how much but I just want to practice a bit of silence and solitude. This time in my life is for reflection and releasing much of my creativity, not constantly being on my phone.

OH, BROTHER // I miss my brother sooo much. If you know me IRL, you know that my big brother Antwon passed away in May at just 38 years old. It’s been really difficult losing him because he’s always been there. I miss teasing him. I miss his cooking, I miss his laughs, I just miss him. He was an amazing person, father, brother, and friend. When I think about him not being here anymore it really feels like a dream that I can’t wait to wake up from. My whole family has really been rocked by his passing and we are trying our best but it’s hard. I also know that the holidays will be different this year with it being the first one without him. I’m already preparing to be in my feelings. Ugh, life is just not fair sometimes.